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Waltz Pairs

Victoria Landa vs. Igor Trofymenko

Alexander Adaikin vs. Olga Kukla

Victor Kutsevich vs. Sasha Kadatsky

Iana Denisenko vs. Alexey Koshman

Victoria Pidsokha vs. Ivan Griban

Diana Shpytchuk vs. Sviatoslav Vysitsky

Victoria Pilipchuk vs. Nikita Hvastunov

Dasha Antoniuk vs. Andrew Alexeyenko

Ann Zhilina vs. Nikita Khavkin

Olga Gavrilenko vs. Nazariy Kolosiuk



Denis Martynenko

choreographer of the school © 2018 

Video directed by

Yaroslavna Savchenko

organizer of the school © 2018

Video organized and supported by

Alexander Pahtunov

Media Group 5 Director © 2018

Camera directed by

Roman Tomchenko

cameraman of School Media Group 5 © 2018

The history of the waltz is a little over two hundred years old. By temporary standards, this is a very young and young dance, which is completely reflected in its character, rapid, light and cheerful. But he captures the look not only with energy.

The waltz is literally saturated with romance, which is felt in every movement of the dancers. Waltz refers to ballroom dancing, that is, it is performed by two men and a woman. If before he was danced at balls, now at solemn events and competitions. The European program of sports-ballroom dances necessarily includes slow and Viennese waltzes.

“You should never think that your partner is worse than you at least, especially if you can not show it on stage” © Maris Liepa, 1979